5 Apps to Support New Habits


Happy New Year! Whether you are starting 2018 with resolutions or looking to continue habits created in the past, apps are great tools to assist. Here are a few that I love.

If you want to use your phone more productively...
Try Forest (Android)
Forest is a simple timer app to track how long you can go without using your phone. You set a timer and the app will plant a tree that grows while the timer runs. If you stop the timer before time expires, the tree dies. The more frequently you are successful, the more trees grow in your forest. I've found this app helpful when I'm working and out with friends. Unlike similar productivity apps, you get to set the timer.

If you want to go to bed earlier...

Try Twilight (Android)
Blue light from digital devices has been shown to interfere with sleep patterns. Blue light blockers filter out the blue light and cast a rosy glow on your phone. Twilight syncs the filter to sunrise and sunset, gradually becoming less bright as night approaches.

If you want to track your food intake...
Try MealLogger (Android/iOS)
There are a lot of meal logs out there; I prefer MealLogger because it is simple and visual. Take a picture of each meal, upload and you're done. There is an option to write a description. ML allows you to share your log with a nutritionist or coach.

If you want to start a gratitude practice...
Try Writeaday (Android)
Writeaday is a simple, beautiful app that prompts you to write something you are grateful for daily. Each day is assigned a color. The more entries you write, the deeper the color. The desire to create a full rainbow each week has really helped me be consistent with this practice.

If you want to start a yoga practice...

Try Down Dog (Android/iOS)
Down Dog has beautiful full-length videos with clear guidance. It has a variety of lengths and skill levels to choose from. I like to use it on busy days when I can't get to a class.

As you can probably tell, I am partial to Android. I would love to learn of any similar Apple app. Share your favorite ones in the comments!

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