Taking Care of Myself: Why I am suspending 21DSD coaching

In January, I went back to grad school after nearly 8 months off. Almost two months later, my plate is full. I love what I am learning, and I have made so many wonderful connections and reconnections with my classmates and professors. I do feel that if I add anything else into my life right now, my plate will go from wonderfully full to alarmingly overflowing. So I am suspending 21-Day Sugar Detox coaching for the time being. I will be doing (just not coaching) the 21DSD starting on 2/25, and I invite you to join me over on this Facebook group.

Looking to the future

Over the last year of coaching, I have become more intrigued by the post-21DSD process. What lessons do we learn from nutritional resets, like the 21-Day Sugar Detox? How do we implement those lessons back into our everyday lives? After all, most of life consists outside of the boundaries of a three-week challenge. As a practitioner, I feel it is important to address mindful eating in all aspects of life, not just during a nutritional reset. Going forward, I will be expanding my offerings accordingly. Currently, I offer corporate nutrition presentations and private grocery store tours in the Chicago-area. In the near future, I will be offering private nutrition coaching. Later this year, I will once again offer group coaching in an expanded format that will encompass mindful eating in all aspects of life.

Are you interested in another nutritional service that is not listed here? Please contact me. I am here to serve you!