Mindful Mondays: Mantra

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I like routine. A lot. So I'm starting a new routine here with posts focused on mindfulness each Monday. Some weeks will be yoga-related, others will be focused on meditation. This week I want to talk about mantra.

Mantra is usually thought of as a phrase or sound that you say over and over again. Some people say you cannot select your own mantra, it has to be given to you by a guru. Personally, I don't really connected to that idea. I think of mantra as how I want to be. Do I want to be calmer, more focused, more energized, faster, more driven? I choose my mantra according to the end goal. While I'm running, I want be faster so I think "up" with each step to drive my legs upward and forward. When I am stressed and want to calm down, I will think "let go"  with each exhale for several breaths. 

The holidays can be really stressful so I would to offer the mantra "let it rain" to all of you. I learned this mantra in yoga teacher training and have found it incredibly helpful the past few weeks whenever I've felt stressed. When you feel stressed by a situation out of your control, inhale and think "let it rain" as you exhale. I like to picture the stress bouncing off me like rain drops. It may sound kooky, but I promise it works!


Do you use mantra, motivational quotes, or phrases to keep you going? Which ones are you favorites? Let me know in the comments!